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Lace Effects 2

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Good news for those who have not yet had the time to see the Lace Effects 2 exhibition - the International City of Lace and Fashion has decided to extend the exhibition until 28 December.

Do you wish to see this exhibition for the first time, or once again? Don’t hang around - admission is free of charge.

As part of the European project Crysalis, the International City of Lace and Fashion is continuing to develop textile innovation through the second part of the Lace Effects exhibition. This changing catwalk of contemporary creations incorporated into the permanent itinerary invites visitors to discover other pieces which are just as surprising, disconcerting and amazing.

Put on from 5 October 2013 to 18 May 2014, the Lace Effects 1 exhibition brought a fresh perspective to lace through works from the world of textile design, fashion or design. Lace Effects 2, on from 25 May to 28 December 2014, brings together works whose aesthetic questions in a more direct way traditional methods of hand-made lace via many artistic approaches - playing with appearance, playing with the ’empty’ and the ’full’, nature as a source of identity, and so on.

The Lace Effects exhibition displays a selection of objects inspired by the theme of lace, which are the result of an appeal for projects launched through the European partners network Crysalis - campus TIO3 (Ronse, Belgium), the University for the Creative Arts (Rochester, England), the Plymouth College of Art (Plymouth, England) and the International City of Lace and Fashion (Calais, France).

Works from experienced professionals, students and budding young designers, all sharing the desire to take lace out of its traditional context and to question its identity in a different way. This selection unveils a multi-faceted interpretation of textiles, transparency and lace.

The Lace Effects 2 artists
Tessa ACTI (GB) / Elsa BARBAGE (FR) / Gail BAXTER (GB) / Sara BRAN (FR) / Sylvia BROECKX (B) / Lydie CHAMARET (FR) / Dawn COLE (GB) / Stéphanie EMOND (B) / Emma GRIBBLE (GB) / Diana HARRISON (GB) / Martha HENTON (GB) / Nicole KOCKAERTS (B) / Trudi MEIJER (B) / Carol QUARINI (GB) / Tina ROSKRUGE (GB) / To BieLieve (B) / Ine van SON (PB) / Karine STERCKX (B) / Jeanne VERLINDEN (B) / Teresa WHITFIELD (GB)

Exhibition curator: Shazia Boucher – Calais International Centre for Lace and Fashion

Further information:

  • tel.: +33 (0)3 21 00 42 30

Lace Effects 1 and 2 are part of the European project Crysalis, selected as part of the European cross-border cooperation programme Interreg IVa 2Seas, co-funded by the ERDF. Free admission

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