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Partnership with House of Caron

The House of Caron has lent itself to a game of sensations by creating room fragrances for the On aura tout vu - Sensations exhibition.

Surrounding an outfit adorned with green foliage, a smell of damp undergrowth; not far from a mermaid-like piece, salty marine notes; the perfect complement for a summer dress, a hot and sweet scent... The evocative power of fragrances infinitely increases the perception of the designs which they accompany.

The Caron fragrances have been specially created for the designs on display in the exhibition’s "Olfactory sensations". House of Caron, a big name in French high-end perfumery since 1904, has joined forces with On aura tout vu. For the last five years, these two houses have been developping a perfume line with luxury packaging combining daring and fantasy.

The room fragrances are designed to create an olfatory world around designs displayed in the exhibition.

Further information:

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